The Libertarian Institute

  Project founders Libertarians in public office Julie Chorgo, Dr. Ralph Swanson, Dr. R. Holcombe; and Kennon Gilson, at 17 in several public offices, projects facilitator.

The Libertarian Institute gives  policy solutions and rights-issues data sources;  facilitates non-partisan 'trialogue' projects to bring the third side into discussions: Libertarian and LI tools and perspectives; and  upholds and trains on Libertarian standards to develop public offiicals and community leaders, jurists, and law-social science students as it also registers PACS and parties focvused on it's unique 'un party" approach and bringing change through direct democracy and non-partisan office to help pave the way and consolidate the gains of personal action. Included...

>>E-blogs and data sources: Rights reporter; tight and often exampled policy solutions for jurists and activists; topic alert twitter and as needed PDF E-Zine summaries.

>>Guidance on starting coalition, Trialogue panels, e-lobbying, and Philosophy Club speaker engagement projects in your team.

>>Open-management, public office, and PAC or parties notation and training with mission of trained LI-standard people in non-partisan and especially appointive public office as basis as well for elective candidates.