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Dr. Margeret Tse at recent conference

Liberal democracies, taught Aristotle, depend on a strong and centrist middle and working class--tolerant, prosperous and educated. To that end it seems an amazing fact that many even advanced countries as the Third Millennium opened still lack any sort of organized Liberal movement to nurture the Libertarian study groups already in place. To that end we have created initial Libertarian-Liberal Continental-regional e-conferences to discuss policy and culture informed by LI themes. In addition, with demand Local LI's will come about to both aid local application and help develop conversancy in English and educational opportunities for the emerging professiopnals, especially in Libertarian-interest management and civic-economic texts and personal improvement data--and as platforms for non-partisan coalition work inspired by the LI approach. These local Institutes, networking with autonomous Libertarian Book Clubs will be emplaced to help support living room  "citizen think-tanks" and coalition sources for separate Libertarian-interested communities.

Dr. Tse is welcome host for the Libertarian Institute and advises on development of local information e-institutes and project chapters. She is involved in the Mont Pelerin Society and Liberdade Institute (independent) in Brazil. Chapters will initially serve as local portals on key issues and information exchanges for local supporters of our work. A variety of public e-networks will be used for ease of continuity and access in many countries.They will sop provide needed continuity as activists come and go as well.