The Libertarian Institute

Democracy Project

Dr. Ted Becker and at emblematic conference.

The Democracy Project focuses on bringing DEMO: Direct Democracy with constitutional inititaive (last accomplished in the US in an effort developed by Libertarians), plebiscite-referendum, and recall, Election Fairness with easy ballot access and fusion voting, Mixed-Member (At large by party) Proportional Representation in legislatures, and Open Governance with Sunshine and Sunset procedures and Jury Review-- to all significant jurisdictions and countries. Dr. Becker is a world authority whose growing work helps advise on key resources. He also advises the LIO projects for democracy inspiring local activists

LI  notes Libertarian policies are best accomplished by Direct Democracy along with DEMO tools--so addressing public information and organization, democratic consent and cultural support, and unifying different groups into public offical and other activism in fruitful dialogue simultaneously.