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Libertarian Institute to Drive Liberal Democracy, Libertarian Law

Posted by Libertarian Institute on November 18, 2011 at 4:30 PM

In a series of meetings begun in 2001 Libertarian movement principals formed the Libertarian Institute and vowed to bring moral and e-tool support to growing Libertarian-Liberal jurists, scholars and marooned citizen activists in every country. The group was led by :Libertarian Visionary Michael Gilson-De Lemos and co-founders Milton Friedman, Ralph Swanson, and David Nolan. Focus areas include encouraging in every nation groups informed by Libertarian voluntary approaches and working through:

  1. Direct democracy, legislative groups and national legal firms to take on citizen issues
  2. Development of non-partisan jurists, officials and cultural opinion leaders
  3. Tracking threats around the world and encouraging local e-lobbying , standards, and data

The Institute is unique in not accepting donations and acting solely through networking volunteers across borders.It will provide model policy for consideration as well as free manuals and e-networking opportunities and as platforms to portal and rally otherwise disconnected effort. The Institute also encourages interest in providing tools and morale for citizens developing organizations on non-authoritarian and co-operative Libertarian lines from homes on. It will network with current organizations and think tanks and highlight their work for better publicity.

Said Mr. Nolan, who was lead founder of the USLP, "Activists have complained. No one is actually focusing on their major mission and strategic goals around implementing strict Libertarianism or direct-democracy Liberalism at this time. No one is using the net  providing e.g.  integrated e-tools to start non-political Libertarian-based groups such as co-ops.  Basic standards are not publicized. This project will do that job. We are not Libertarian-leaning, anarchist-Libertarian, for limited or small; government, or a 'Liberty' movement. We drive strict Libertarianism in personal, work and public management."



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